Having fun at McDowell is ever one els?

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With The Class That We Had You Have To Be Having A Boring Summer Right?

Without going to school this has probably been the most boring summer yet and I can’t wait too go to school next year. I just don’t have anything to do without going to school and seeing everybody.  Are you ready for McDowell or can you wait?

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Are you glad that school is out or would you rather be in school????

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D.A.R.E. Essay

D.A.R.E.- Define Access Respond Evaluate

D.A.R.E.- Drug Abuse Resistance Education

In D.A.R.E. this last nine weeks I think the most important thing that I learned is that friendship can be the most important thing in some situations. Having a friend can be able to help you say no to alcohol or drugs and that you can always have a choice when it comes to drugs you always have a choice and that choice should be no.

What I have learned will help me in the future as wanting to be an athlete. Doing drugs or not having a friendship with somebody will not show good qualities of an athlete and will always slow you down. In sports having good sportsmanship is like having a friendship at school and doing drugs or smoking will not help you at sports or make you look cool it will just make you look bad on both sports and through out the rest of your life.

In D.A.R.E. we all have had a lot of fun we have also learned a lot When we put on the DUI goggles and tried to walk across a line and then trying to catch a tennis ball was fun but being drunk and having to walk around like that would never be fun. Remembering to wear your DARE shirts would also be fun because you would get extra recess and in the future it would help improve your memory. If you are hoping to be an athlete in junior high just that little bit of recess can even help you stay fit enough for the sports that you wanted to play. Another funny thing is when dip lip bit Hadley’s finger which I talk about in the next paragraph.

Deputy Thomas brought in Smokin Susie and Dip Lip and the Jar of Tar which are two dolls that show what would happen to you if you chewed or smoked tobacco over a period of time.If you would want to look like the dolls that he brought in be my guest but there is no way that I would want look like them and I hope that you don’t either.

I learned a lot in D.A.R.E. and I am sure that is going to help a lot of people stay drug free and to not do any stupid stuff like you see everybody does and I am glad that I was in D.A.R.E. this  year because Deputy Thomas taught me a lot of things that I did not know last year that will be good to know when I do go into junior high next year. Like the was to say no like the cold shoulder, the broken record and those are just some of the ways to say no no no no.This year in DARE I have learned some of the most important things in my life that has helped me to learn more about being drug free. My pledge is to stay drug free and have a healthy life so I can live long and I can be able to play sports for a long time because I want to be able to have a long sports career in baseball,basketball or football in the future and to not be involved in the wrong group of people in my life so my friends and family will always be safe and so they don’t have to get involved with any of the want you to do stupid stuff like drugs.

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Does Integrity Matter to a Sixth Grader?

This is Mr. McGuire’s post about integrity because we watched the Mad River Theater and watched  The Mighty which is inspired by the book Freak The Mighty which both talked about integrity.
Integrity–Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
The Mad River Theater performed at Laurelville on Wednesday.   They did a play written by Bob Lucas about Lewis Latimer, an African American Inventor who lived in the late 1800’s.  The play recapped Latimer’s life, his struggles and his successes.
The performance ended with the song, Honesty, Integrity, and Pride.  These character traits were representative of Latimer’s life.  This prods the question, does integrity matter to a sixth grader?  Should it?
Thinking back to the read aloud of Freak the Mighty, and having watched the film, The Mighty, I was thinking about Kevin’s view of integrity.  How does it compare to yours?  In a few words, does your integrity guide how you live?

This is my comment on his post

I think  having integrity is important. I think that because integrity can guide how you live. When you decide to make a bad choice could that effect how you live or how you will be living in the future. That is the same way in making a good choice. If you could decide between cheating and getting away with it or make the choice and not cheat. If you decide to cheat then you might try to rely on cheating for the rest of your life and that could affect how you live. Having integrity is important to because I want to go and have a good way of living by having good integrity. I think that are view of integrity is similar because he want Max to get through life being able to do every thing that he couldn’t do before by making the right choices.

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The Sixth Grade Nickname Game

Would you like to be the two people who were born only hours a part from each other and be friends for 11 years and all of that be ruined by a new girl who came just before the Sadie Hawkins Dance which they can’t find a nickname for.

Thats what almost happened to Jeff and Wiley the two nickname kings in their school. Some of their nicknames fit there is this kid who is always snooping. Can you guess what his name is, Snoopy. They have also nicknamed their school OOPS for the initials of Old Orchard Public School. In the middle of all of this competing for Cassandra Levy The are reading and reading and reading for Mr. Hughes or should I say Mr. Huge. They are doing this so he does not get fired because at first they did not like him but then he kind of stood up for them when the principal  Deer In Headlights was saying that they are not smart enough because of of him giving it a hundred and ten percent in being to exited. If you like a funny book I would recommend The Sixth Grade Nickname Name. 

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Max the Mighty

With the lost of his dear Kevin in the end of Freak the Mighty, Max has found a way to make a new friend. When Max tried to help a little eleven year old girl get her miner’s helmet back she was afraid at first. Would you be scared of big and tall Maxwell Kane if you first saw him? After he helps her he tells this girl who people call her “Worm or Bookworm” about Kevin and how they used to be Freak The Mighty and that’s when she wants to be his friend because she thinks he can protect her from the only person she is afraid of the UNDERTAKER! Max has said he is just a moron but in this book you will find out that he is not. If you liked Freak The Mighty you will love Max The Mighty.

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Should You Control Your Destiny?

This is Mr. McGuire’s post Why You Should You Control Your Destiny

As I read aloud Freak the Mighty written by Rodman Philbrick, in Chapter 21, Max questions his future.  He wonders if he too might become an accident of nature like his father.  He wonders if he might become violent like Killer Kane.  This brought out the discussion of destiny in Reading Workshop.
Students pondered questions like, do you control your fate?  Is your destiny in your hands?  Do parents and teachers have control?  What effect does making decisions have on your destiny?
The benefit of making good decisions, and working hard is control.  When students don’t work, parents must get involved, and teachers are forced to discipline offenders.  The more good decisions students make, the more control they have over their destiny.  Good choices lead to success in school, which means a better and higher education.  This leads to more career opportunities, and a higher standard of living.
This leads to the question, do you control your destiny?  What are you doing to steer your life towards success?
These are my comments on Mr. McGuire’s post Why You Should Control Your Destiny

Comment 1:   I think that we do control our destiny if we are being responsible with our choices we make. To have success you would have to be honest or trustworthy to show that we can make good decisions and so that they can trust us.

If you decide to make one bad choice you could not be controlling your destiny it could be in the hand of your mom dad or whoever you live with. In school your teacher can even control your destiny if you goof off or don’t listen you could easily be in trouble if you don’t make good choices your success could be gone and you might not have a higher standard of living.

Comment 2:   I think that I  control my destiny. I think that because if I make good choices I will be able to make good choice in the future in life or in school.

If I decide to make one bad choice I might not be controlling my destiny the next day. My Mom or Dad could be there telling me what I have to do because when I make that bad decision I am giving up my freedom to control my destiny which is a privilege. So when there is a hard choice in my life I have to make the good decision so that I will have a higher standard of living. When I’m at school if I want to control my destiny I can’t goof off or the teachers’ will control it. To steer my life to success I will make good decisions so I can have control of my destiny.

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My Potential

This is a post From The Reading Workshop about our potential.
If I could measure students’ output on a potential scale from 1 – 100, I wonder how most would score?  If I could just reach in the top right desk drawer, pull out the Potentialmeter, and turn it on, what would it show?

I would be willing to bet that most students don’t realize their potential.  They underestimate their ability to think, read, write, and produce high quality work.  Although they are working, they are not even close to maximum output.

Don’t get me wrong.  Students in Reading Workshop have really been putting forth a lot of effort.  As we scream down the test prep road preparing for the Ohio Achievement Assessment on April 27, students have been working hard and showing excellent growth in their ability.  However, I just don’t believe they know the limits of their capabilities.  And, I know they are not even close to putting forth maximum effort.

This is my comment from the reading workshop.

My potential is not 100 yet it’s 90 but by the time of the Achievement Test I will have full potential and that is 100% effort towards every thing that I will do from now on. I know that I have the potential but reaching it is the goal. Your potential is what keeps you going why you have achieved what you have achieved. Once you reach what you think is your highest potential don’t stop try to reach a new potential show what you can do and be successful. To reach your potential you can’t be like you were before you have to push yourself and not stop even if you think you can’t do it like in the video Death Crawl when Brock only says he can go to the fifty yard line but when he doesn’t stop he knows what he can do now. That is why I will reach 100% potential for sure because I was inspired by this video to do so.

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Why do you come to school?

Do you come to school is it because you have to or because you enjoy learning or seeing your friends. Tell my if you enjoy school and why or why not.

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